I have been dying to get my hands on Sylvia ever since I saw Aida posting teasers on Flickr and finally today I can check her out in details and share it with you all.

Aida made changes and Sylvia comes with a base skin with different base brows and all the rest is added by tattoo layers, which makes mix and matching quite interesting in comparison to the “usual” one skin, one preset make up on it type.  So this is welcome and it is going to be great fun playing around with it.

Here she is:

Glam Affair - Sylvia in America - Base B

  • 9 Base Skins (including one without eyebrows) + Tattoo Layer Eyebrows as well (Here showing Tone B)

Glam Affair - Sylvia - 3 Basic Lips

  • 3 Basic Lips

Glam Affair - Sylvia - 4 Cheeks

  • 4 Blush Cheeks

Glam Affair - Sylvia - Eye Make Up

  • 8 Different Eye Make ups

Glam Affair - Sylvia - Lipstick

  • 3 Families of Lipsticks

Glam Affair - Sylvia - 3 Noses

  • 3 Noses

So here you are, isn’t she so pretty?

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