I know I am crazy late this week for Berry’s Book Meme, but I was so swamped with work and I also man­aged to injure my back, which made sit­ting on the com­puter for any­thing more than 15 mins a total never-ending torture.

But I am ready now and here we go!


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  1. Are you a book­worm? – Totally, when I read I actu­ally suf­fer from Tem­pus Fugit, I can­not help it, I just love to lose myself in them.
  2. Which do you pre­fer: hard­cover, paper­back or elec­tronic? – Well when it comes to books on Prin­ci­ple and I love both Hard­cov­ers and paper­back, it really depends which I have avail­able at the moment of pur­chase.  But I have moved quite a bit in the last 5/6 years or so, I came to the sad con­clu­sion that pack­ing and unpack­ing my books was a night­mare, so I allowed a friend to con­vince me to get a Kin­dle which I did, and after I got my hands on the ipad, let’s just say that I have all the apps installed from iBooks, Kin­dle, Nook and even Marvin.
  3. Which book is your favorite? – I could not name a favorite book that I could find a favorite star in the sky, there are those that I am really attached to such Qui est ce garçon? that still makes me howl in laugh­ter every time I read it.  It’s been 20 years and it never gets old! I mean there are tons that I love to read over and over again, such as Jane Eyre, The Hunger Games (1st Book), any­thing by Cassie Clare or my always beloved Alexan­dre Dumas.
  4. Which children’s book is your favorite? – I dont recall any children’s book that I actu­ally read, but my old­est mem­o­ries are from my dad and I in bed read­ing Gulliver’s Trav­els together, one page each.  I think my love of read­ing came from there.  But then my uncle used to spoil me as well with the Adven­tures of Tintin, they are not really books but hey, read­ing is reading!
  5. What’s the last book you’ve read? – I have gone back into brows­ing The Hob­bit, I got so much into Kili thanks to The Des­o­la­tion of Smaug that I had to know, I say brows­ing and not read­ing cause I absolutely hate Tolkien’s writ­ing style.
  6. Name your top five favorite writ­ers: – Alexan­dre Dumas, Nicole de Buron, Dan Brown,  Cas­san­dra Clare, Vic­tor Hugo, G.R.R. Mar­tin etc…
  7. Name a book that had a strong impact on you: – The Prince
  8. Favorite & least favorite book gen­res? – I will read any­thing as long as it is Fic­tion, though I do love biogra­phies, one espe­cially of Cather­ine the Great by Henri Troyat that I adore and it is only recently that I have both­ered with “Fan­tasy” by devour­ing the Game of Thrones series
  9. Favorite & least favorite book-to-movie adap­tions? – I have loved see­ing the North and South Tv adap­ta­tion with Richard Armitage, the book is by Eliz­a­beth Gaskell, I do seem to recall, I used it as inspi­ra­tion in a pre­vi­ous blog post. How­ever, the one that has really upset me is the Adap­ta­tion of Game of Thrones, they started chang­ing some details from the books and that pissed me off so badly that I stopped watch­ing the show.  Now I know the books are seri­ously intri­cate and so so detailed, but still, I wanted for sure the plot to fol­low.  What can I say, I am really crazy attached to some of the char­ac­ters and see­ing changes well really upset me.
  10. Have you ever bought a book based on the cover alone? – Hmm… tough one, its more on what is writ­ten on the back cover if one does seem to stand out enough for me to pick it up at the book­store or at the library.  The story has to appeal to me on some level.
  11. Where do you usu­ally buy your books? – A lot from Ama­zon, as I live in Switzer­land it is not always easy to find my books in Eng­lish as I want them, so Ama­zon it is and some­times Barnes and Noble.  Since I have all the apps also installed on my ipad, I do buy them also as elec­tronic books as well.  But there are a lot of sites on the inter­net where you get your hands on epubs with for exam­ple Project Gutem­berg where you can get your hands on piles and piles of classics.
  12. Do you go to the library? – Used to a LOT! in Zurich, I don’t go since I have 0 inter­est in books in Ger­man and the Eng­lish and French books sec­tions are so small my own col­lec­tion is greater.
  13. How many books do you own? – On my ipad and Kin­dle we can safely say that I have over 1000, and in printed for­mat I should have about a 100 and this is just my stuff in Zurich I pro­lly have another 200+ @ home in France.
  14. If you were to write a book about Sec­ond Life, which topic would you focus on? haha… sex and sec­ond life or maybe men and second life!

What I am wearing:

  • TRUTH HAIR Perla —  light blondes
  • –Glam Affair — Aria skin — Asia — Com­bi­na­tion 02 C
  • –Glam Affair — Aria — Nose 03
  • –Glam Affair — Aria — Freck­les 03
  • –Glam Affair — Aria — Lip­stick Cupid — 08
  • [MAGIC NOOK] Aztec Neck­lace MESH @ TDRF
  • DRIFT Flirty Baby­doll Top [MESH]Valentines Silk Set w/HUD

Books and Plates:

  • Noo­dles — Books to Imag­i­na­tion @ The Arcade
  • Kuro — Dec­o­ra­tive plates  for The Chal­lenge
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