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After being teased for days on end we finally know that SLink‘s Siddean Munro released her new sets (2 to be exact) of mesh heads!  That is one significant purchase priced at a bit over L$ 2000.  I was really hoping for actual face parts, such as a nose or chin or even lips… but a head it is!

As I am on the poor side these days, I just picked up just the Becky Demo, to have a look and see.  Just on Monday, I said in my Boy, Oh Boy! blog post that I wouldn’t blog a mesh head.  I am way too much emotionally invested in my avatar that a mesh head is useless to me, I made Angel as she is meant to look like and a mesh head for me defeats it.  However, I can see how it can be convenient for other avatars, or for photography purposes.

You get pretty much all you need in the pack, the Alpha layers to hide your own head, the instructions for the sliders in order to align your eyes with the mesh head (which I have not done here with the demo) as well as 2 HUDs one for the skin and another expression one.

The Skin HUD hold all of the basic needs you might get covering, skintones, cheeks blush, lipstick colours, eyebrows and eyeshadows.  There is also an option of Lashes tinting.

Slink Visage

The second HUD which turned out to be the ones I loved to play with the most is the Expressions HUD and as you can see from the shots above, I got to goof around a bit with.

I mean look at it, Siddean has truly maintained the super high quality of product she delivers, and you can see that a lot of work and love has been put into it.  I am sure as time goes we will likely get skin and make up appliers from our favorite Skin Designers to use on the head as they are made available.

The product is great and I am sure it will be just as the Mesh hands and Feet a very popular product, however until the day I can replicate on a mesh head the exact shape of my face, this for me will have to be a “fun” item to have and play around with during certain photo shoots than actually something I permanently wear like my SLink Hands and Feet.

So tell me, are you going to be a permanent adopter of mesh heads or just an occasional user? I would love to hear from you guys!

  • Slink Visage – Becky DEMO
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