Comic Book Girl

As I logged in tonight I got a NC about new Flexi mesh hair, as I haven’t heard of it before, I decided to go to Catwa and have a test. There are currently 2 styles available and I am wearing here just one in the short version and the Flexi bit are 2 small attachments at the bottom of the hair in the front you can see right there at the top of the bodice.

Comic Book Girl

These are small pieces so really nothing major to be all wowed about in terms of effects in my shot, but it is nice to see movement again, I am curious to see what will come next in terms of flexi mesh in hair and other clothing items.

  • Glam Affair – Chainedlink Necklace Black/Silver
  • -Glam Affair – Candy – America – 01 C
  • CATWA HAIR Basma [Short Version] + Flexi Mesh Attachements
  • HOLY SHIrT! Comic Princess dress for .PENUMBRA.
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