Testing a New App

Though in the recent months, I feel like I have made a lot of progress when it comes to my photography and editing, I still love to look around and find apps I can use to help out. As I am an Apple person, I am always digging into the App store on my ipad and mac to see what is out there available. You can find a lot of freebies for iOS but it is not always that easy for desktop apps. But here I found Pixlr, and I was happily testing and playing around with it today to see how it went.


So how do you like my little tweaks with it? And do you have or use specific apps for picture edits?

  • Exile Caprice/chocolate
  • -Glam Affair – Lulu ( America ) 01 B
  • GizzA – Asymmetric Leather Jacket [Rose]
  • GizzA – Josie Pants [Suede – Nature]
  • [MANDALA]SENJYU Eearring – snow
  • Ricielli – Amora Sandals (Rigged)  Taupe + Beige
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