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July 2013:  This time I have been a lot faster releasing a new Shape, she is shorter and a bit curvier but with a heck of a lot of attitude!  So meet Vendetta, just the name should tell you something.

Angel Style Shapes - Vendetta

Once again, she is set with COPY/MOD perms but please make sure you make a back up copy of it before any modifications.

Grab the demo here:

June 2013: Over a year and half has passed since the first release of my first Angel Style Shape on the Marketplace. Today marks the second one and I would like to introduce Arcadia.

Arcadia is unlike Lena my previous release, due to the fact that Arcadia is modifiable, so please make sure you make a copy of the original shape before playing with the sliders.

Angel Style Shapes- Arcadia

Follow the link and grab a demo:


Today, December 25th, 2011; I released my first shape in the Marketplace.

I was not set out to do so, but thanks to friendly request, I took the time to consider I decided to go ahead…  My main focus, is the face and then ensure that the body works in harmony and in proportions.

I use my own avatar shape as a base, and always question myself if I would use it, if the answer is anywhere near doubtful then the shape in question will not be released.

Here are the basic info:

  • All Shapes will come in Petite, Average and Tall versions.
  • Those versions are sold separately and Demos are provided for each.
  • All Shapes are NO TRANS and NO MOD.
  • All Shapes are sold ONLY at the Marketplace!
  • I do not have a group in-world at the moment, all new releases and updates will be posted on this blog and on Flickr.
  • All sales are final, please try the Demos before purchase!
If you have any questions of feedback, please use the comments section below to contact me. I will get back to you as soon as possible.


Shape: Lena (release date: Dec 25, 2011)

Angel Style Shapes - Lena Shape (Tall)

Available in:

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