Angel Style?


I have been in Second Life for 6 years now and from that first day, I have been addicted to shop­ping in-world. Fash­ion blogs have become all the rage, and I have to say that some are doing a really good job — you know who you are!

Some of you may know me as the owner of Heartbeat Publications, you would have seen in-world a copy of either Heartbeat and HBM that are published on a regular occasion. Apparently, I was not busy enough and I really got into Second Life photography thanks to a very good friend, this lead me to start my little photo blog and now to this new and exciting little venture imparting my fashion wisdom to the masses! 🙂 Trust me when I tell you that I am not really taking myself all that seriously really.

How­ever, this blog is about my own style and my favorite shops and out­fits I man­age to get my hands on. I will not nitpick every pixel or detail nor will I be judge and jury. I will look at what I like and if something is missing in my opinion or I would wish for a little something extra to achieve my complete happiness with a product I will say so. This is not slight on any designer, I realise as a content creator myself that design and creation is hard enough without everyone breathing down your neck.

Remem­ber style & taste are per­sonal, I will not impose it on any­one, but share my own. If you have any ques­tions or need help, ask!

My Review Policy:

I love to review designer creations and I am deeply delighted to have been entrusted by some really great names with their designs.

I will reserve the right not to blog items that do not fit my personal taste/overall style. Please contact me before “giving” me anything as I get capped a lot, and I think I would understand the brand better by meeting you & understanding your vision first. It is really not a requirement, but a few lines would certainly help.

You may also find me on The Ego Co.‘s website as well as one of their blogger.


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