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New SLink Physique Upgrade

New SLink Physique Upgrade

I have really loved the Slink physique ever since I bought it, and we have a new update available at the Main Store. All you have to do is go there and grab a re-delivery.

The HUD is truly greatly detailed now and I went and grabbed today’s Blacklace promo item for L$69.

New SLink Physique Upgrade (HUD)

I love the new options, so many to chose from and the breakdown of certain body areas is so much better, and when I say that I am thinking of hipster jeans and tiny tops!

So here you go, don’t forget to go the store and grab it or if you have not taken the jump yet, please have a go at the demo!

Happy St Patrick’s Day!

Monday is St Patrick’s, as I am having an obsession with Blacklace lingerie lately, I am wishing you a great day in this recent set made available earlier.  In addition, we have a 2 new Truth Hair releases 2 the main store and here is the short version!

St Paddy's

  • TRUTH HAIR Harriet –  light blondes
  • ~Blacklace~ Phoebe: ST. Patrick Days Special
  • [MANDALA] YAKUSHI Necklace

Pose prop by What Next.


Angel Supermodel

Sunday afternoon, it’s hot and I am still tired! It’s the slow countdown to my august 10 day cruise with my SL brother Bert. So I decided to clean up my desktop – it is quite full of a zillion SL snapshots.

Some good ones got placed in Dropbox for future fun with – in the odd event I get to be any good with PS (I crack myself up sometimes!!) and the rest well to the trashcan as they will not be used or were already featured in posts.

Under the mess, I uncovered the 2 shots I took a few weeks back at Blacklace and at Egoisme.

Do I qualify as a supermodel now?

As you know I was featured as the Centrefold for HBM magazine under Blacklace’s sponsorship, so Mariska got my awesome pic on the wall! Need I say I nearly fell off my chair when I saw it?

And well… my very good friend Ramses Meredith – owner of Egoisme allowed me to play supermodel and pose for the promo texture of the Gogo girl outfit recently released! I ended up as a massive poster on one of the main buildings!!!

Now I wonder… where will I be next?

Naughty Mynx

I have never denied being a naughty little mynx, and part of it is due to my deep love for sexy lingerie. When I say sexy, we can even take this to downright dirty! For me Blacklace holds that amazing mix of sensuality and sexuality all at once.

Little Shy Kitten

So I am introducing to you ~Blacklace~ Kitten.

it does come with a few options and if I am not mistaken at a very low low price! Ladies, you know what you have to do!

A Vintage Feel

I fell in love with that gorgeous Blacklace lace dress the minute I saw it in my group notices.  It took me a few days to get my hand son it! What can I say I am a busy girl with 2 magazines to run and a shopping addiction.

However, every girl should have her LBD (Little Black Dress) as this one qualifies as a top one to have in one’s closet.

It gave me that little vintage feel…

Style Card:

Dress: ~Blacklace~ Encore: Black Lace Cocktail Dress

Jewelry Set: *YS&YS* Sunset set TDR (New)

Hair: >TRUTH< Mariska –  light blondes