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I have missed a couple of releases from 22769 – Casual Couture, and it is time I play catch up a little.  So today, I get to share this really lovely slip on hunt item. it is totally perfect for this time a year and will go with pretty much everything!

Fall - full

At the same time, B (Bouncer Criss of Bounce This Poses) spoiled me rotten once again and I got to use his recent poses to strut my stuff.  Here you can see 2 out of the pack of 6, and each pose comes with it’s mirror opposite! Totally cool and does come it quite handy often times. The poses are so simple and oh so very natural looking, summed up in one word: Perfect!

Fall - closer


***The Autumn Effect Hunt***
September 15 – October 15
Website: http://depravednation.com/the-autumn-effect

  • 22769 ~ [femme] autumn slip on (Autumn Effect Hunt)
  • Bounce This Poses – Girl Pack (6 Poses + Mirror Images)
It’s funny, after I was happy taking my 2 shots for the blog post, I ended up taking for fun a few more shots using the movie night lounger available at C88 this month.  They turned out so well, and since I hadn’t changed what I was wearing, I am adding them here.

Fall - Dream

Fall - Lounge

Fall - Reflect

Fall - Waiting

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The Finch

Quite a number of things going on this Saturday really, with Mon Tissu releasing new clothing. I started with the most casual look, with those cute shorts and the sweatshirt.

The Finch

In addition, I get to share with you one of the poses from Bounce This Poses that will be available @ the Summer by the sea Gatcha Festival starting tomorrow.  I don’t take too many pictures in the “dark” but as I was playing with my sliders, I thought this looked so cool, I could not resist.

  • {mon tissu} Hanalei Shorts ~ Beige
  • {mon tissu} Slouchy Sweatshirt ~ Oatmeal
  • Bounce This Poses – Birdy Pose 4 for Summer By The Sea Gacha Festival
  • >TRUTH< Kadence – swedish

The Bounce This Poses for the Summer By The Sea Gacha Festival going  from July 1st to July 7th. The poses are $35L each, and they all come with a colored Finch, there are 6 of them to get!


On The Go

Bouncer who seems to be as much as a workaholic as I am released this new set of 4 poses @ his Bounce This Poses main store.  I was really lucky to get a copy and I decided to head over to Mayfair for my morning quickie coffee run to give them a try.

Because I was in a rush I only took my phone with me to the coffee shop…
On the Go 1

As I was walking by the groceries store, well I spotted fresh fruit and was debating if I should indulge or wait until I am more awake…

On the Go 2

Since I was rushing, I did forget my sunglasses so I was avoiding the sun…. I could have been a vampire, who knows!? After all I was bitten by one once long time ago…

On the Go 3

Grr…. my telephone rings!!! Really? Can’t a girl have a break?? …. I knew I should have left it home (I couldn’t it’s part of the pose set I am blogging!!!)

On the Go 4

Oh well… nothing major just Bouncer wanting to check if I liked the poses…. well duh!!!! :-p Just wish he had made the coffee less hot! I nearly burnt my tongue on it…

On the Go 5

Ahhh peace and quiet by the water for a few seconds… just before I need to change and get to work for another long day!

This 4 pose set is really cute and I like that I was able to make a little silly storyline with it…. and for L$125 it’s a bargain!

  • Bounce This Poses – On The Go for ONLY for L$125  (Steaming Hot Coffee and Phone included!!!)
  • [LeLutka]-CAPRICA jeans/base
  • -Glam Affair- Leah Natural – 05 D
  • *League* Seashell Blouse -Taupe
  • [e] Millside Flats – Brick/Mushroom (old VIP Exclusive Gift)
  • [celoe.didri.bangles.extra]
  • /Wasabi Pills/ Monique Mesh Hair – Browns Pack


I have been following Bouncer’s flickr stream for quite some time and the only logical explanation is well that he is absolutely yummy. A girl can drool, right? No harm done as far as I know, plus I have to find a way to get through to him :-p …  Bouncer is a very sought after male blogger as well as a pose creator. So yesterday finally as a show of support I headed to his shop – Bounce This Poses – and raided what he had available.

I also took the time to look back at my post on Glam Affair’s recent mesh releases and I wasnt too happy with the way the pics turned out, so I took on this occasion to show you again whats on offer.




  • Mayfly – Deep Sky Mesh Eyes (Vivid Blue)
  • Maitreya Mesh Jazz Boots – Black
  • >TRUTH< Kirby –  light browns
  • -Glam Affair – Lena Dress – azure
  • -Glam Affair – Giselle – Light D HB 10

And if you are wondering why Run as the title? Well here is why… (I am obsessed with this version)