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I am still stunned speechless at how much improved my pictures have been looking for the past week or so. I have no idea how that little spurt of talent came to be but I have to thank those who have contributed to that! You know who you are!


And since my sleeping hours have gone all wonky thanks to my work, I have had some time to sneak in more Editing practice and today I have done it with the super sexy new Heels from CandyDoll.
I got my hands on the Fatpack, and went broke straight after (:-p, but it was well well worth it!

CandyDoll - Newell Heels

The Newell Heels come in two pairs one matching the SLink High Feet and another for the JD Feet (That I currently do not own).  I say, thanks for the option, a lot of ladies out there would sure be grateful for the choice.

As I got the Fatpack, I got to play around with the HUD and enjoy quite a number of color customisation options.

Newell Heels HUD

Though, I cannot say about the individual options, there are tons to chose from in-store.  In this case, I think the pictures are worth a lot more than I can ever say! Grab a demo and you won’t regret it!

  • TRUTH HAIR Rowan –  light blondes
  • -Glam Affair – Neva skin – America 06 E
  • IKON Destiny Eyes – Starfall (M)
  • _CandyDoll_ ALL Newell Heels

Prop: Martini by Glitterati

Bikini Edition — Summer Swimsuits Part. Deux!

About a month ago I did a Bikini Edition post, with a few releases and cheapies around for all the sexy ladies in Second Life and those of you drooling over any female scantly clad.

As I logged into my SL this morning, I had 2 notices with brand new releases from Fri.day and also a Lazy Sunday promo from CandyDoll.  I figured why not make an edition part. deux et voila!

I also added in the shoot, a quite recent Hucci release that I was too lazy to blog and now it is rectified and all is right in the world!

-CandyDoll- Girly Swimwear ( Lazy Sunday) and ::HH:: Hucci Waterfall Bikini - Red

-CandyDoll- Girly Swimwear ( Lazy Sunday)

::HH:: Hucci Waterfall Bikini – Red

fri. - Hourglass.Onepiece - Teal and Plunging.Onepice - Fuchsia

fri. – Hourglass.Onepiece – Teal

fri. – Plunging.Onepice – Fuchsia

fri. - Hourglass.Onepiece - Teal and Plunging.Onepice - Fuchsia

fri. – Ruffle.Cutout – Peacock

fri. Belted.Halter (Silver)


Skin – Lara Skins – Odette in Pale (Fatpack)

Hair –  Truth –