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  • ::N2:: Gypsy Summer Strapless Dress Cobalt COMMON @ The 24 Event
  • EarthStones Tumbled Stone Jewelry Set – Spectrum
  • fri. – Everyday.Heels (Moondust) for FLF
This is an Exclusive item for The 24 in which only 100 of these exact ensembles will be sold in Second Life!  The Gacha prize is available in 6 different color-combinations, two of which are rare colors. The dress is No Copy, No Mod, Transfer.


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My love for Lara Skins is quite well documented, and I could not resist getting my hands on one of the 3 Vintage Fair releases she has there. So let me introduce you to Dita!

As I said, there are 3 skins released at the Vintage Fair by Lara, I could have easily picked up all 3, but what drew me to Dita was the lips.  I felt I finally got the red lippie I was dreaming about and hoping for from Mrs. Hurley. The skin is like all it’s sister for the body and a simple 60’s style black eyeliner.  Did I mention the little beauty mark right under the right eye?


  • Hair: fri. – Deena – Browns
  • Skin: Lara Hurley-Dita Pale
  • Top: *League* Seashell Blouse -Taupe @ The Vintage Fair
  • Necklace: *League* The Raven Necklace Set


Bikini Edition — Summer Swimsuits Part. Deux!

About a month ago I did a Bikini Edition post, with a few releases and cheapies around for all the sexy ladies in Second Life and those of you drooling over any female scantly clad.

As I logged into my SL this morning, I had 2 notices with brand new releases from Fri.day and also a Lazy Sunday promo from CandyDoll.  I figured why not make an edition part. deux et voila!

I also added in the shoot, a quite recent Hucci release that I was too lazy to blog and now it is rectified and all is right in the world!

-CandyDoll- Girly Swimwear ( Lazy Sunday) and ::HH:: Hucci Waterfall Bikini - Red

-CandyDoll- Girly Swimwear ( Lazy Sunday)

::HH:: Hucci Waterfall Bikini – Red

fri. - Hourglass.Onepiece - Teal and Plunging.Onepice - Fuchsia

fri. – Hourglass.Onepiece – Teal

fri. – Plunging.Onepice – Fuchsia

fri. - Hourglass.Onepiece - Teal and Plunging.Onepice - Fuchsia

fri. – Ruffle.Cutout – Peacock

fri. Belted.Halter (Silver)


Skin – Lara Skins – Odette in Pale (Fatpack)

Hair –  Truth –


Patterns in zebra

I spotted this Breeze dress from Gizza a while back on the marketplace and I decided to grab it today. A saturday without shopping is unthinkable!

I was thinking about accessorizing it, but I decided to keep it minimal. Animal print is fun, not always in fashion in all fairness, chances are you will never see me in leopards print. I do however, do like zebra print because of the whole black and white – cannot beat the classics. So I kept it simple with my fabulous pair of N-CORE open toed/heels booties in zebra too.

Style Card:

Hair: fri. – Marie – Moody Brown

Dress: **GizzA** Breeze Dress [Zebra]

Necklace: MIEL OSA Necklace

Heels: N-core CHERIE -Special Edition- Xtreme Heel Zebra

Fairy Princess?

This morning I discovered the Sea Hole, which amazingly enough brought me back to my Jules Vernes days.  The Store was stunning in design and the clothes not bad at all.  I stumbled upon this baby and the minute I saw it I wanted to be a little fairy in the woods.

Style Card:

Hair: Fri.day – Hailey (Happy Blond)

Dress: The Sea Hole – Roxi Rose Dress in Ripe Berry (inc. Hair flower)