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Trapped and Shagged?!

I have been wanting to blog this amazingly sexy little blindfold from Je Suis that is currently at the CHIC² anniversary event.

The Blindfold

I got lucky and found a male volunteer model for it… YAY!!!

  • !je suis….aveugle diamond studded blindfold CHIC²
  • [Shag] – La La Love Me – blonde

Under The Pink Umbrella

I admit I don’t attend the Zombie Popcorn events very often, however this morning since I had time on my hands I decided to go and check out whats going on.

I directly loved the little Umbrella offered by What Next coming with 10 poses, there are 2 packs one for guys and another one for girls. So I decided to use them for for this shoot.

Under My Umbrella

It is lucky that they are closed, or I my have given myself a case of bad luck with an open brolly indoors :-p

Under My Umbrella 2


  • {what next} ‘Let It Rain’ Pose Set for Girls
  • Mayfly – Deep Sky Mesh Eyes (Spring Night)
  • !::je suis… turquoise::Set::Zombie Popcorn Collection
  • /Wasabi Pills/ Annette Mesh Hair – Browns Pack
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