Mesh Eyes by KMADD

Last week when I presented the new Mokatana skin for the Cosmetics Fair Event, I used the lovely new eyes from KMADD to share the make ups, I promised I would do a follow up post but as usual RL got in the way!

So here I am keeping up my promises.

KMADD did release quite a number of HUDs with Mesh Eyes and it is a HUGE selection, so I picked up from 4 of the available Selections and within those I selected 4 of the colors available within to show you all.  To be honest if I were to show you everything it would be the longest post in history and it would take me a week to get it done. So here it is:

Sample of 4 from the CONFIDENCE HUD


Sample of 4 from the ECLIPSE HUD

  • KMADD Eyes ~ ECLIPSE Texture HUD

Sample of 4 from the FOCUS HUD

  • KMADD Eyes ~ FOCUS Texture HUD

Sample of 4 from the FROST HUD

  • KMADD Eyes ~ FROST Texture HUD