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These Are Not …

… The Droids You Are Looking For!

I meant to say (cough cough), this is not a poisoned apple I am holding right now!

This is a perfectly good innocent red apple right out of the tree that I did not inject with any kind of harmful substance! I mean, why would I want to hurt anyone? Really? When you think about it?  Ok, change of subject let’s move on… You did not tell me your favorite Fairy Tale? Which one is it?

Poison Apple - Full

So Mirror Mirror on the wall, who is the sexiest one of them all? Hint: There is only 1 acceptable answer!

Poison Apple - close

Perfect answer, every time! Told ya, that apple wasn’t really poisoned… or is it? MUA HA HAAA … to be continued.

  • [LWL] Poisonous Apple (group gift)
  • Lara Hurley-Elaine pink lips

All the credits given above are only for items found @ the Fairy Tales 2012 Event.

Because I am not really all that bad, here is the SLURL for the Fairy Tales Event: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/World%20of%20Beauty/94/113/3842


Perfect surprise in the release of the latest Lara skin: Emma.

This time, we do not have addition make up layers in eye shadows or lipsticks. Nope, this time Lara introduced teeth! They come in the usual lipstick colors and actually look not bad at all.


Lara Hurley-Emma Pale Fatpack


I will say that oddly enough, the teeth seem to soften the look and they are not badly done at all. What do you think?


My love for Lara Skins is quite well documented, and I could not resist getting my hands on one of the 3 Vintage Fair releases she has there. So let me introduce you to Dita!

As I said, there are 3 skins released at the Vintage Fair by Lara, I could have easily picked up all 3, but what drew me to Dita was the lips.  I felt I finally got the red lippie I was dreaming about and hoping for from Mrs. Hurley. The skin is like all it’s sister for the body and a simple 60’s style black eyeliner.  Did I mention the little beauty mark right under the right eye?


  • Hair: fri. – Deena – Browns
  • Skin: Lara Hurley-Dita Pale
  • Top: *League* Seashell Blouse -Taupe @ The Vintage Fair
  • Necklace: *League* The Raven Necklace Set



My top 2 prolific skin designer Lara Hurley has just had a new mini release of the Dessa skin. Why do I call it mini? well because this one comes with 5 make-ups  instead of the 8.

Lara Hurley - Dessa Skin

Lara Hurley – Dessa in Pale

Have you noticed the little beauty mark just above the lip?  The quality of the face is as usual flawless, I don’t really go out to find faults in skins I have to say but Lara’ skins are really quite special to me!

The full pack costs L$1900 if I am not mistaken and is well worth every linden!

However, I did not notice in the pack a light brow option for the blondes… I will need to check later and see if I can use without too much damage my other blonde options from previous releases!

In the meantime, enjoy!

Kit, Kat, Katya

When it comes to skins, my love for Lara Skins is insatiable! Between Lara and Glam Affair I am really a happy lucky girl.

I have been going back and forth between Lara’s Odette skin and Glam’s Amelie skin for the past few weeks, and where Lara skins are fresh faced and young; Glam Affair is most definitely all glammed up and sophisticated! I also tend to prefer to wear Glam Affair skins when I am being my brunette self.

However, during my time off…. Lara Skins had a brand new release in Katya! It is like all the recent releases of Lara: YUMMY!

Lara Skins - Katya (2)

The Fatpack comes in all make ups available (8 I believe – Not all shown here) plus tattoo layers of make ups and lippies! So now for the first time if I am not mistaken we do get a really full full fatpack! And for just 3000L; well really worth it in my book!

Lara Skins - Katya


In this post I am also wearing the breathtakingly gorgeous new preview of eyes by Poetic Colors.

Most of you following my blog, know that Poetic Colors are my ONE and ONLY worthy Eyes creator as stated on my Basics page!

You can find these Gorgeous grey eyes in the back of the store in a bag (Right Side).  Frankly these are SO good, that I am even considering switching my other usual Poetic Colors eyes if I can find the right shade of blue!

Colors - Preview

I am really loving them especially with the Grey Make Up!!! STUNNING!!!!!  I mean you can see the light and shadow play, and don’t even get me started on the prefect choice and blending of grey.

.>> pokes Lano – Please Please Please, can I have yummy angelicious blue eyes? <<.

Now I have to sit down and wait!! (Don’t you just hate that?)

Last but not least, I am wearing Breeze hair from Elikatira!  I think in this case the pics speak for themselves as to how pretty this do is!

Elikatira - Breeze

Say Hello to Odette!

Top news of the day Lara Hurley just released her latest skin Odette! She has the usual Lara fresh faced youth look stamped all over it.  The make up is less dramatic than usual and more subtle; makes a wonderful day look.

Here are some of the make ups available in the fatpack:

Odette and Again 2

Also wearing with Odette the version 2 of Again released by Elikatira as part of her group gift as well as her full release of the Again/Again 2 hair in her store.

Style Card:

Skin: Lara Hurley-Odette Pale

HAir: [e] Again 2 – VIP Collection

Necklace: Donna Flora MELODY

Top: {mon tissu} Park Avenue Top – White

Anya – New Release at Lara

Anyone who has met me for like 30 seconds knows that I am a HUGE HUGE Lara skin fan. Well my photostream tends to prove it lol. So after falling in love with Ava at the skin fair, I rushed when I discovered Anya was out!

There is something about the faces that are flawlessly stunning, I will admit that I don’t inspect every pixel of it, as for me the face and make up is what matters the most.

I have shown you here all the available make ups already on the skins, but Lara added extra lipsticks and make-ups plus an extra brow tattoo layer.

For me as usual a keeper!

Lara if you are reading this, please please please can you do a lipstick tatto layer of a gorgeous deep red? The only reason I ever switched to LeLutka was for the deep red lippie on Lola.



I have become really more and more interested in Mimikri, so when I saw this cute top and skirt combo, I figured why not?

it has just a little bit of sheer to entice my rather naughty side <wink>

Style Card:

Top: * Mimikri – Patty Knit Micro-Mini taupe

Skirt: * Mimikri – Patty Knit Tank taupe

Boots: Slink Blair Boots Cream

Madonna’s 80’s

I was checking out my usual blog feed yesterday and I stumbled upon Kaelyn’s Post and totally fell in love with the cute outfit!  It totally reminded me of the 80’s with big over-permed hair and Madonna blazing in the background seeking Susan!

I was inspired (without the silly perm!) and managed to get a couple of really good shots!

Style Card:

Hair: W&Y – 75 Pack A

Full Outfit including Jewelry:  Black & White outfit – FA Creations

Earrings: HoD

Boots: Maitreya