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Shapira by Mamboo Chic

Last week, I showed you the Group Gift from Mamboo Chic called Megan. I did notice in my fellow bloggers feeds the release of the Shapira skin as well. I will say that I really liked Megan as she did not pose concern for me as to my overall look. So, I ent back in today to check out Shapira as I have been a little bit lazy.

Let’s go through the whole process and see how it went!

I picked up the demo and to my surprise, well it contained one skin of each tone and then the rest were pics of the Make Ups (Eyes and Lips). I do not know how my fellow bloggers and shopping addicts reacted to this, but I have to admit that I was a bit disappointed and worried.


Truth be told, when it comes to skins I am a crazed maniac and I need to inspect the face to make sure it looks good with every make up and lippy. Hard to do when you have to base your purchase on pics and the base skin.

I will have to say it was a leap of faith here and I bought the skin in Honey containing 15 eye make ups and 8 lipsticks.

Starting with the lipsticks, all 8 of them are really lovely colors and I am delighted with how good the red one looks! That is usually my area of concern with skin designers.

Shapira lips

Then the fun begins with the Eyes…

Shapira Eyes 1

Shapira Eyes 2

Shapira Eyes 3

Shapira Eyes 4

Shapira Eyes 5

I believe we can all agree and say that the face is pretty stunningly gorgeous! There is really not much to criticize in my opinion.

However, I seem to be confused as far as the make up number 12 in my pack that looks nothing like in the promo picture here.  It is perfectly possible, that I am having a noob moment here, but even after rebaking and such.. I still got the “yellow” eye make up for it. So is it only me?

As for the other great tidbit of info well worth the wait, this whole pack was sold for only L$1500! For this quality of work and amazing selection, it is a bargain!