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50 Shades

The new Uber is out in all of it’s 50 Shades of awesomeness!

50 Shades (I am waiting for you!)


@ Uber:

  • TRUTH HAIR Vixen –  light blondes
  • [monso] My Off Shoulder Shirt – White
  • [monso] My First Lingerie – Black
  • JD – Anastasia Lacq.  black
  • 22769 ~ [bauwerk] UBER : 50 Shades of Sexy

In addition, I did not want to forget to let you ladies know about a new little group that allows you to get your hands today on 3 pairs of L.Warwick heels for you Slink obsessed gals.  I spotted the original info on this here!

Group Website: http://slfreesandoffers.blogspot.com/ 

Group Link: second life:///app/group/601a412e-f210-e20c-2f01-e186b0ea4f42/about

L.Warwick Mainstore SLURL: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/The%20Pea/91/111/21

Days of Christmas

Paper Doll is currently having a very special 24 Days Of Christmas event for VIP’s ONLY! So you will to be part of the VIP group, which is quite easy to join and available at the new mainstore!

VIP Members will be able to each day, from December 1st to December 24th get something such as clothing or houseware items.  All the gifts will be left up throughout the event! As you can see 3 have already been out!!

Days of Christmas

  • TRUTH HAIR Group Gift 30 Nov 2013
  • -Glam Affair – Elvi – Europa – 03 B
  • [monso] My Western Boots
  • DN Mesh Sjaal Sweater with Scarf
  • :Paper.Doll: Flight Earrings: Chrome

In addition to the Paper Doll event, I got to wear my Monso cowboy boots! In fairness, they have been sitting in my inventory for a while, and I am glad that I got to wear them finally and show them!

They come with a HUD that allows you to play and mod the different parts of the boots, and as I have shown you above those are what I would call the 4 main set ups, and I have done that just by selecting the different elements in the HUD as columns top to bottom. Of course, you can interchange everything, that is up to you!

Monso Cowboy Boots HUD


42 Second Life Groups Challenge!

Another one of Berry’s Monday Challenges/Meme is about SL Groups.


“Meme Instructions: Answer the following questions about groups and share some of your favs with us. Don’t forget to leave your link in the comments!”

  1. Have you reached the 42 group limit? I have, it did not take too long to be honest to get there!
  2. Do you do a lot of group hopping to keep up with all the groups you want to stay a part of? There is a couple of groups (free) that I hop in and out of, for special events or temporary groups that I need to join.  Other than that, I am fairly constant in my groups as I have been in some for a very very long time.
  3. What makes you want to join a group? I am in a number of Blogger groups as I have been invited by the designers, like Berry they take up the most of my slots. The rest are Store or Event groups that I like or too concerned to leave just in case anything good comes up.
  4. A lot of store VIP groups have a group fee which you have to pay to join. How do you feel about paying group fees? I am not crazy about Group Fees, It feels like the designers are doing everything they can to get as many Lindens as possible out of us.  Considering that I am a huge spending and very loyal to my favorite designers, I hate the idea of having to fork out more money than I already do buying all their stuff.  Designer ought to reward loyalty, not make us pay for it!  However, I have paid Group Fees (when they are not extortionate) for some designers that actually take the time to provide Group Gifts on a regular basis or some good incentives.  I am not cheap, but I cannot abide people abusing my trust with greed!
  5. Name a few groups that you are a part of that you feel everyone should look into joining and share your reasons behind that:
  • Maitreya VIP group is fab, love the clothing and shoes, and is free to join!
  • Gos Boutique Group is usually and currently only L$50 to join, however when he sends group gifts, the price gets raised to L$500. Also, Gos Boutique group members get a 10% discount on all purchases. So this is a group you want to join and stay in.” quoted from Berry!!!
  • Mon Tissu Soiree is one of my favorite stores, and I am always looking forward for new releases, they do have a wall of Group Gifts, though not often renewed to my recollection.
  • Glam Affair certainly one of my Top groups and designer as Aida produces in my humble opinion some of the best skins in SL. Ever since I fell in love with the Layla skin, there was no going back for me. Though I admit to straying with other skin makers at times!  Aida does release Group Gift skins from time to time, so it’s not bad at all!
  • Then, you have Groups like Celoe and [Elikatira] VIPs that are also designers that create content I am always rushing to get my hands on… At the end of the day, its all about love!

I tend to prefer to use “subscribomatic” systems when they are available over SL Groups cause, well they do take less group spaces and less of a burden to opt in and out of.  I wish all Blogger Groups would switch to the PXL delivery system, cause it would sure free up a lot of my Group Slots and I would be able to join more!…


  • Exile::Hold On Loosely
  • Tee*fy Basic Knot T-Shirt White
  • [monso] My Studded Shorts – Dark Blue (girls)
  • ::HH:: Hucci Akita Suede Boots – Moonglow
  • Izzie’s – Hole Bangles
  • [LA] The Backstage – Multipose Prop for The 24