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A Smoke

In RL, I am totally dead set against smoking! It is actually number 1 on my list of Pet Peeves. Let’s face it, I despise it with a passion, it stinks, gives me migraines and is cause to oh so many health issues.

A Smoke

So with this in mind, it took me a long time to come to terms in blogging Cigarettes, I could not bring myself to do it, but as today I was looking into my inventory and found them again, I decided to be fair and give them a test.  Actually these are really well made.  You wear the Lighter, Cigarette and HUD and here you go lighting it on with the animation to go with it to seeing it smoke all the way through.

  • TRUTH HAIR Ainsley
  • -Glam Affair – Katya – Europa 07 A
  • Legal Insanity – Aikya jumpsuit gold bronze
  • [NikotiN]    Cigarette_ Premium

Still, Smoking is really really bad for you!!