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Hello Cleo

I am always super excited when there is a new Glam Affair skin released, so here she is, please kindly do meet Cleo.

Comes in 12 Make Ups and a variations of brows! In the fatpack, I have noticed additional, freckles, lashes, gloss for lips on tattoo layers and even listen to this nose variations!

Cleo (America skintone)

Even the make up free base skin was stunning, I have taken one shot here to show you, though I am wearing for it on tattoo layers lip gloss and freckles! What do you guys think? Isn’t it totally lovely?

Cleo - No Make Up, With Lip Gloss, With Freckles


I have been away for 2/3 weeks, between starting a new job, training in a different city and a lot of RL things get in the way, well it seems that I have not logged in weeks.  I do apologise about that, as it was quite a bit unexpected.

But nothing could bring me back in world more than a new skin from Glam Affair: Ginny.  Ginny is available at c88 this month and you get two tones America and Europe and each tone has 3 different make ups.

Ginny - America

Ginny - Europa

I’m Crazy!?

I have blogged a few days ago the official One Year Anniversary of The Gallery Gift shop, and today I got to play with that amazing pack from Glam Affair containing 3 colored skins.

So I said to myself, let’s go bold and have fun with them!

La Vie En Bleu

La Vie En Rose

La Vie En Violet

  • -Glam Affair-  Roza – Natural – I’m Crazy @ TGGS

Poetic Colors in Mesh For Men’s Department!

A few days ago, I dropped you all a super teaser of Poetic Colors new mesh eyes, and today, I can safely tell you that they will be released for the Men’s Department!

Those men are lucky! But hey it wont stop all the girls to go get  their hands on these amazing eyes! I cannot bring myself to decide between Aurora, Arctic Sea and Poison!!

Pearl Eyes @ Men's Dept

If I were honest, I would say that Aurora would be my top choice, as I love intense blue eyes, but I guess I will be playing around quite a bit with all the colors depending on what I am doing.

Pearl Eyes


Shown all in Large/Medium

  • Columbia (Grey) – Big Pic Left
  • Java Blast – (Brown with Light Flecks) – Top Right
  • Arctic Sea – (Light Ice Blue) – Centre Right
  • Aurora – (Blue) – Solo Pic
  • Lazy Sunday – (Green/Brown) – Centre Bottom
  • Poison – (Intense Green) – Bottom Left Corner
  • Warm Onyx – (Dark) – Bottom Right Corner

I did share with you last week end the beautiful green Dry Fern, so lazy as I am, am not sharing again nah!

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Allow Me To Introduce… Upcoming Mesh Eyes From Poetic Colors – Green or Turquoise?

Here I was having a quick run at Fifty Linden Friday, when I got an IM from Lano Ling owner of Poetic Eyes!  I have blogged past releases of Poetic Eyes, and I recall asking Lano when he was planning on releasing Mesh eyes too, after I discovered the amazing work done by Mayfly.

Green or Turquoise - Full

Well my ladies and gents, I got my answer today, when Lano shared his first pair of Mesh eyes with me! We can safely say that I swooned in my chair!

Green or Turquoise - Upper

Yup, here I was rocking that amazing corset from ISON, and the new mesh hair from DeLa that I discovered through Berry’s Plurk, when I wore the eyes and my heart stopped! They are gorgeous and I say that even though green eyes are not my usual color of choice.

Green or Turquoise - close

Here are some details I got from the ONE color eye pack, so we can safely assume that each eye color pack, will be broken down in the same way:

  • 3 eyes sizes in Large Medium and Small
  • 3 brightness levels as in bright medium and dark
  • Comes with system eyes texture in each of the variants to wear under the mesh eyes prims.

Now that I have a closer look, you sure cannot tell me that they are not simply amazing!!! Lano said that he is working on the other colors, and he hopes to have them ready as soon as possible! As early as next week or maybe a little longer, I guess he has quite a number of colors to worry about.

  • Poetic Colors: pearl – dry farn – large medium
  • =DeLa*= Mesh Hair “Moelleux” Blondes
  • ISON – wrap skirt (champagne) for FLF
  • ISON – geometric corset (mint) for FLF


I am delighted to finally introduce the full release of the new MOON eyes from Poetic Colors by Lano Ling. Lano has previously given me some teasers, that I have used in previous shoots and blog posts and now it is out for the world to see.

The eyes were described as: “…Very mystic, deep and with a glance of moon light in it.” I agree, they are gorgeous and the color blending and light work is stunning.

Each color pack comes in two eye whites (bright and dark) and fitting prim eyes per set.

I am wearing here my personal favorites from the new release which are Blueberry and Lavender!


Poetic Colors Eyes – Moon – Blueberry & Lavender

And the great news is that they are 50% off until Sunday for the HALF PRICE!

Should I also tell you there is one of them set a free gift too?


I was lucky again to get another little preview from Lano Ling of Poetic Colors! Another pair of truly amazing blue eyes, which makes it really really hard to decide which ones I prefer now!

B vs B
Eyes: PC Eyes – Moon – Blueberry.

I also wore the lovely Amelie Skin (Blonde vs. Brown Eyesbrows) and played around until I got this profile pic…

Angel Eyes

Earlier today, I posted a small review of the preview release of new Poetic Colors eyes! As I am a big big fan, I also shared the post on Lano Ling’s (the owner) Facebook page.

I will admit and say that I am really picky when it comes to my eyes. I do not switch and change often plus I am super loyal to Poetic Colors as I have only been wearing his brand since as far as I can remember.

Quality aside, the eye color has always been super important. I wear blue eyes, no ifs no buts! Sometimes when done right, I enjoy a blend of purple as well.  When I previously blogged the Gen 2 release a little while back I had already mentioned it.

So in the middle of my review, I made a small appeal (not overly seriously, but still… ) to Lano for “Angelicious” blue eyes.. imagine my surprise when I saw his comment on FB saying that he would! I frankly shrugged it off; I mean the eyes are amazing and I am already a customer for life, so…

That was not over, as I was about to log in world again, Lano dropped me a “preview” of the Angel eyes; I was in shock! Did I mention that they are gorgeous! I do not think he would have gotten it anymore right if I were capable of doing eyes myself!

Angel Eyes

I have to say that I am even more impressed by the quality of the work but also by the person, I mean he really did not have to do anything… but that shows you the true pros and those who actually do care about their customers from other designers. If I was not already hooked, he would have def earned my loyalty for life!

I cannot wait to see the full release and all finalized eyes, I also hope I will get to blog them all and show you how amazing they are!…
In the meantime, I strongly suggest having a browse at the store it is well well worth it!

PS: Lano you rock!

Kit, Kat, Katya

When it comes to skins, my love for Lara Skins is insatiable! Between Lara and Glam Affair I am really a happy lucky girl.

I have been going back and forth between Lara’s Odette skin and Glam’s Amelie skin for the past few weeks, and where Lara skins are fresh faced and young; Glam Affair is most definitely all glammed up and sophisticated! I also tend to prefer to wear Glam Affair skins when I am being my brunette self.

However, during my time off…. Lara Skins had a brand new release in Katya! It is like all the recent releases of Lara: YUMMY!

Lara Skins - Katya (2)

The Fatpack comes in all make ups available (8 I believe – Not all shown here) plus tattoo layers of make ups and lippies! So now for the first time if I am not mistaken we do get a really full full fatpack! And for just 3000L; well really worth it in my book!

Lara Skins - Katya


In this post I am also wearing the breathtakingly gorgeous new preview of eyes by Poetic Colors.

Most of you following my blog, know that Poetic Colors are my ONE and ONLY worthy Eyes creator as stated on my Basics page!

You can find these Gorgeous grey eyes in the back of the store in a bag (Right Side).  Frankly these are SO good, that I am even considering switching my other usual Poetic Colors eyes if I can find the right shade of blue!

Colors - Preview

I am really loving them especially with the Grey Make Up!!! STUNNING!!!!!  I mean you can see the light and shadow play, and don’t even get me started on the prefect choice and blending of grey.

.>> pokes Lano – Please Please Please, can I have yummy angelicious blue eyes? <<.

Now I have to sit down and wait!! (Don’t you just hate that?)

Last but not least, I am wearing Breeze hair from Elikatira!  I think in this case the pics speak for themselves as to how pretty this do is!

Elikatira - Breeze