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The Tourist

I took my little man out to visit a park and take a few pics. I am not planning on blogging items for guys, but I may do so on occasion, if the mood strikes. I do promise I wont make it too often!

The Tourist

  • ::Exile:: Akio:Beach
  • ~Tableau Vivant~ Kevin shape
  • ~Tableau Vivant~ Kevin Skin – Tone 05 – 3 (brown)
  • DN Mesh (m): Marcel Hoodie w HUD
  • 22769 ~ [homme] Classic Denims True Blue 100 % Donation @ Fashion Pride

Boy, Oh Boy!

Ha haaa… this week I am doing it early so that I do not get overly swamped with RL and have to leave my contribution for the week end!

So this is an interesting one as Berry has blogged for this week’s New-to-me Meme a male mesh head.  I sure would not blog a mesh head, I love my face too much :-p.  But looking at her lovely pic it made me realise that I have never done any portraits featuring male avatars.  Over the past few months, I think I got my female profile picture taking and editing nearly as close to perfect as I can manage, but I cannot do all the softy stuff with a guy now can I?

“Meme instructions: Blog something you’ve never blogged before and/or something you normally wouldn’t blog. This is more of a photography themed meme, with a focus on visuals of the item(s) you’ve never blogged before, however, if you prefer to make it a written meme and just write about something you normally wouldn’t write about, that’ll work as well. Don’t forget to leave a link to your post in the comments and share your images in the blog memes flickr group.”

Boy, Oh Boy!

A couple of weeks ago I did confess in my Meet The Darcys post that I got my hands on the Kevin skin and shape from C88 from Tableau Vivant, so I figured I would transmorf again into a male version for this shot.

I can tell you it is quite hard to drop the frills and effects, but I think, I did make a decent clean shot, actually I am quite happy about it! Is it too weird if I say that I am in lust with my manly self?

He is wearing:

  • Legal Insanity – Jerry jacket herringbone grey

Meet the Darcys

Meet The Darcys

Just a few days ago, I made a post about the Pride and Prejudice going on right now. Though I did share some items, I was waiting to complete this post but this week let’s just say that RL got in the way really badly.

At the same time, I never really bothered with anything boys related before, but when I saw the Mr. Darcy outfit, I had to have it! So I went to C88 and got my hands on the Kevin skin and Shape, as any male shapes I ever attempted were too feminine.

Mr. Darcy is wearing:

  • ::Exile:: Akio:Vanilla
  • ~Tableau Vivant~ Kevin shape – M
  • ~Tableau Vivant~ Kevin Skin – 3 (Tone 5)
  • .-. Heathcliff .-. Darcy’s Coat in Grey
  • .-. Heathcliff .-. Mister Darcy Base Ensemble

Mrs. Darcy is wearing:

  • Glam Affair – Sylvia America – Base
  • Glam Affair – Sylvia – Basic lips 03
  • Glam Affair – Sylvia – Cheeks 04
  • Glam Affair – Sylvia – Eyebrow 03 F
  • *{Junbug}* Mrs. Darcy Dreaming
  • Cae ::Pemberley :: Collection

I know I kept my heart tattoo on Mr, just left it there cause I could **wink**